About me

I am an Engineering Manager at Uber, leading a team of ML engineers.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California San Diego, where I was advised by Professor Vineet Bafna. My research was focused on Machine Learning and Computational Biology and my works have been published in renowned journals such as Nature Methods and Nature Communications, and top-tier AI conferences like ICML and ISMB.

I received my M.Sc degree in Computer Science from UC San Diego and my B.Sc. in Software Engineering from University of Tehran, in Iran. I have competitive programming experience and won bronze medal in National Olympiad in Informatics.

I have spent 4 years in tech industry as software engineer and technical manager. I joined Cafebazaar.ir in its early stages and partnered its establishment as the leading smartphone application marketplace for Persian speakers serving close to 25 million users. At Cafebazaar, I led a team of 5-10 engineers working on the advertising platform serving more than 100 million requests per day.